The Object Orientated Interface to SQLite

The object-orientated interface to SQLite provides a number of classes whose methods are used to work with SQLite databases.

The intent is for the object-orientated interface to allow access to the complete functionality and feature set of SQLite. The first release of ooSQLite will not meet, and is not intended to meet, that goal. Lesser used functionality will be added over time.

The object-orientated and The Classic Rexx Interface to SQLite Rexx interfaces are developed in tandem. As each new feature or functionality of SQLite is added to ooSQLite, access to the feature is added to both interfaces at the same time. There is no SQLite functionality in the object-orientated interface that can not be accessed through the classic Rexx interface. And, vice versa.

The following table lists the classes used in the object orientated interface of the ooSQLite package:

Class Description
The ooSQLite Class The ooSQLite class provieds a number of class methods that are generally useful in working with SQLite databases. Many of the methods are used to query or set values in the database engine rather than an individual database.
The ooSQLiteBackup Class An ooSQLiteBackup object provides methods for copying the content of one database into another. It is useful either for creating backups of databases or for copying in-memory databases to or from persistent files.
The ooSQLiteConnection Class Each ooSQLiteConnection object represents an open connection to a SQLite database. Mulitple connections to the same database are allowed by instantiating multiple ooSQLiteConnection objects.
The ooSQLite Constants The ooSQLiteConstants class provides a CONSTANT value for each SQLite defined constant, and a small number of ooSQLite specific constants.
The ooSQLiteMutex Class An ooSQLiteMutex object provides methods for allocating and using a mutex. In general a mutex is a synchronization object used in multi-threading programs to prevent different threads from acessing a shared resource at the same time.
The ooSQLiteStmt Class Each ooSQLiteStmt object represents a single SQL statement, which is often referred to as a prepared statment.