Getting Started

If the user of ooSQLite is unfamilar with SQLite itself, the best way to get started is to browse the SQLite website to get a basic feel for what SQLite is.

To actually use the ooSQLite package in an ooRexx program, simply require the ooSQLite.cls in the progam and ensure that ooSQLite.cls is in a location where the operating system can find it:
::requires 'ooSQLite.cls'
This is no different than using any other external package in ooRexx, such as ooDialog.cls, rxftp.cls, cvsStream.cls, etc..

Next, the user should familarize herself with the example programs provided by the ooSQLite package. In the installation location of ooSQLite are the examples and testing subdirectories. These direcories contain examples meant to be run from the command line. The user should run the examples after reading through the source code. The examples are meant to be played with. That is, the user should make small changes to the samples and observe what happens. As in any activity, experience is the best teacher.

Using the examples should be done in conjunction with reading this reference manual. The best advice would be to read the source code in an example and look up each class and method in the example in the reference. Or each function call in the example if the reader is more interested in the classic Rexx interface.

If things are unclear, then post a question to the ooRexx user's list. The list is easy to subscribe to. In addition the Getting Help and Submitting Feedback section of this reference lists a number of other resources for the programmer with questions about ooSQLite.