Run-Time Limit Constants

The following table lists the run-time limit constants:

Constant Meaning
LIMIT_LENGTH The maximum size of any string or BLOB or table row, in bytes.
LIMIT_SQL_LENGTH The maximum length of an SQL statement, in bytes.
LIMIT_COLUMN The maximum number of columns in a table definition or in the result set of a SELECT or the maximum number of columns in an index or in an ORDER BY or GROUP BY clause.
LIMIT_EXPR_DEPTH The maximum depth of the parse tree on any expression.
LIMIT_COMPOUND_SELECT The maximum number of terms in a compound SELECT statement.
LIMIT_VDBE_OP The maximum number of instructions in a virtual machine program used to implement an SQL statement. This limit is not currently enforced, though that might be added in some future release of SQLite.
LIMIT_FUNCTION_ARG The maximum number of arguments on a function.
LIMIT_ATTACHED The maximum number of attached databases.
LIMIT_LIKE_PATTERN_LENGTH The maximum length of the pattern argument to the LIKE or GLOB operators.
LIMIT_VARIABLE_NUMBER The maximum index number of any parameter in an SQL statement.
LIMIT_TRIGGER_DEPTH The maximum depth of recursion for triggers.