merge (Class method)

Performs a bit-wise or operation on the arguments and returns the result.

Arguments: The arguments are:
value One or more whole numbers that will bemergedtogether. Thevalueargument can repeat any number of times, but the series of values can not omit an argument in the middle of the series. Although this method will work with any numbers, it is intended to be used with values that areooSQLiteConstantvalues.
Return value: Returns the result of performing a bit-wiseoroperation on the supplied numbers.
Remarks: In some cases when the SQLite constants are used as arguments to a method or function, the constants are actually bit flags that are meant to beor'dtogether. Theoptsargument in the new (Class method) method of the ooSqliteConnectionclass is an example of this. This is a common practice in C / C++ programming, not so common in Rexx. Themergemethod is provided as a convenience to the Rexx programmer.
Example: This example
dbName = 'ooFoods.rdbx'
openOpts = .ooSQLite~merge(.ooSQLite~OPEN_READWRTITE, .ooSQLite~OPEN_CREATE)
dbConn = .ooSQLiteConnection~new(dbName, openOpts)