ooSQLite Specific Result Code Constants

The following table lists result code constants specific to ooSQLite. These constants have no counterpart in SQLite:

Constant Meaning
ooSQLite Result Code Constants ooSQLite Result Code Constants
OO_INTERNAL_ERR The ooSQLite framework encountered an error internally that it is unprepared to handle. It was not considered possible for the error to happen.
OO_WRONG_ARG_TYPE An argument to a method or function is not the correct type. For instance the argument requires a number, but the supplied argument is not a number.
OO_UNEXPECTED_RESULT The SQLite database engine returned a result that was considered to be impossible to produce.
OO_BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS A method was invoked on this database connection object when the database is the destnation of a backup in progress.
OO_BACKUP_DB_ERRSTATE The specified source or destination database for a backup operation is in an error state.