Returns the index of the column with the specified column name in the result set of a SELECT statement.

Arguments: The arguments are:
stmt [required] The Handle to the oosqlPrepare statement to be queried. The handle must not be oosqlIsHandleNull and the statement must not have been oosqlFinalize .
colName [required] The name of the column whose index is desired. The name is case-insensitive because SQLite does not allow column names that differ only by case.
Return value: Returns the one-based index of the column that matches the specified name, or 0 if there is no match.
Details This function does not access any of the SQLite APIs. It is specific to ooSQLite.
Example: This example uses theoosqlColumnIndexfunction to get the index of thenamecolumn in thefoodstable:
dbConn = ''
ret = oosqlOpen('ooFoods.rdbx', 'dbConn')
stmt = ''
ret = oosqlPrepare(dbConn, "SELECT * FROM foods", 'stmt')
index = oosqlColumnIndex(stmt, 'name')
do while oosqlStep(stmt) == .ooSQLite~ROW
say oosqlColumnText(stmt, index)