Threading Mode

SQLite itself supports three different threading modes:

Single-thread: In this mode, all mutexes are disabled and SQLite is unsafe to use in more than a single thread at once.
Multi-thread: In this mode, SQLite can be safely used by multiple threads provided that no single database connection is used simultaneously in two or more threads.
Serialized: In serialized mode, SQLite can be safely used by multiple threads with no restriction.

SQLite allows the threading mode to be determined at compile-time, start-time, and run-time. However, the ooSQLite framework is compiled in serialized threading mode and, currently, provides no way to change this at start-time. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, ooSQLite uses the serialized threading mode.

It is possible to change the threading mode to multi-thread for individual database connections when new (Class method) a new connection object or oosqlOpen the connection using the classic Rexx interface. However, this is stongly advised against. The ooSQLite implementation is done using the assumption that the threading mode is always serialized.

Consult the SQLite documentation on the threading mode for more information.