Returns the name of the nth compile time option if the option was used during the build of ooSQLite. Returns the string NULL if the nth compile time option was not used.

Arguments: The single arguments is:
nth [required] nthis the index of the compile time option. The database engine has a list of options that were set at compile time, 1 through N. This argument specifies which N is geing queried.
Return value: The name of thenthcompile time option, orNULLifnthis out of range.
Remarks: ThecompileOptionGetmethod allows one to iterate over the compile-time options that were defined during the build of the SQLite database engine. This is done by starting with index 1 and incrementing the index at each iteration until the stringNULLis returned. This produces a list of the compile-time options that were specified at build time. For most purposes, SQLite can be built just fine using the default compilation options. However, if required, compile-time options can be used to omit SQLite features (resulting in a smaller compiled library size) or to change the default values of some parameters. ooSQLite is built using just a few compile-time options.
Details The functionality of thecompileOptionGetmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_compileoption_get API.
Example: This example shows how to iterate over the compile-time options:
opt = ''
do i = 1 while opt \\== 'NULL'
opt = .ooSQLite~compileOptionGet(i)
say 'Compile option:' opt
/* Output might be:
Compile option: CURDIR
Compile option: TEMP_STORE=1
Compile option: THREADSAFE=1
Compile option: NULL