Retrieves an The ooSQLiteMutex Class object that represents the SQLite mutex that serializes access to this database connection.

Arguments: This method takes no arguments.
Return value: AnooSQLiteMutexobject that gives access to the underlying SQLite mutex serializing acces to this database connection. The mutex object could be a closed (Attribute) isNull (Attribute) mutex, see the remarks section.
Remarks: If the threading Threading Mode for this database connection is not serialized, then the returned mutex object will be a closed, null, mutex. This is not likely. ThedbMutexmethod is provided for completeness. It is expected that Rexx programmers who do not understand mutexes well and / or do not understand how SQLite itself works with respect to the mutex that serializes access to the database connection, will not use this method. Since theooSQLiteMutexobject returned by thedbMutexmethod represents a mutex in use by the SQLite database engine, invoking free on the object closes the Rexx object, but does not actually close the underlying SQLite mutex.
Details: The functionality of thedbMutexmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_db_mutex API.