Determines if the named database on this connection is read only.

Arguments: The single argument is:
name [required] The database Database Name , as known internally by the SQLite database engine, of the database to check for read only.
Return value: Returns 1 if the database is read only, 0 if the database is read / write, and -1 ifnameis not an opened database on this connection.
Details: The functionality of thedbReadOnlymethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_db_readonly API.
Example: This example illustrates thedbReadOnlymethod:
dbName = 'ooFoods.rdbx'
dbConn = .ooSQLiteConnection~new(dbName, .ooSQLite~OPEN_READONLY)
if dbConn~initCode &gt.&lt. 0 then do
-- Do error stuff and return
dbConn~exec("ATTACH DATABASE 'phonebook.db' AS phone;", .true)
dbConn~exec("ATTACH DATABASE 'ooFoodsCopy.rdbx' AS dupe;", .true)
say 'Read only? main: ' dbConn~dbReadOnly('main')
say 'Read only? phone:' dbConn~dbReadOnly('phone')
say 'Read only? dupe: ' dbConn~dbReadOnly('dupe')
say 'Read only? temp: ' dbConn~dbReadOnly('temp')
ret = dbConn~close
/* Output might be:
Read only? main: 1
Read only? phone: 1
Read only? dupe: 1
Read only? temp: -1