Retrieves the English language descriptive string for a result code.

Arguments: The arguments are:
resultCode [required] One of the result Result Code Constants constants, or one of the ooSQLite specific result ooSQLite Specific Result Code Constants , whose descriptive sting is to be retrieved.
Return value: Returns the descriptive, English language, string for the specifiedresult code.
Remarks: This method is useful for getting the description of a result code without needing a The ooSQLiteConnection Class or The ooSQLiteStmt Class object. The errMsg method will return the descriptive string for the most recent result code associated with the database connection. TheerrStrmethod can be used at any time to get the descriptive string for a result code.
Details The functionality of theerrStrmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_errstr API.
Example: This example is a small snippet of code to print out the description of the first 27 result codes. Inspection of the ooSQLite.clsfile shows us that the first 27 result code constants are in numerically consecutive order:
first = .ooSQLite~OK
last = .ooSQLite~NOTADB
do i = first to last
say .ooSQLite~errStr(i)
/* Output would be:
not an error
SQL logic error or missing database
unknown error
access permission denied
callback requested query abort
database is locked
database table is locked
out of memory
attempt to write a readonly database
disk I/O error
database disk image is malformed
unknown operation
database or disk is full
unable to open database file
locking protocol
table contains no data
database schema has changed
string or blob too big
constraint failed
datatype mismatch
library routine called out of sequence
large file support is disabled
authorization denied
auxiliary database format error
bind or column index out of range
file is encrypted or is not a database