The getDestConn method can be used to obtain the destination database The ooSQLiteConnection Class , under certain circumstances, after the backup has finished.

Arguments: There are no arguments to this method.
Return value: Returns the destination database connection if the following conditions are met, otherwise returns the .nilobject.
Details This attribute is provided by ooSQLite, there is no similar API provided by SQLite.
Example: This example loads a database from disk into an in-memory database. It sets the saveDestConn (Attribute) attribute to true to prevent ooSQLite from closing the in-memory connection. It then uses the getDestConn method to retrieve the database connection:
bu = .ooSQLiteBackup~new(srcConn, ":memory:")
if bu~initCode &gt.&lt. bu~OK then do
-- handle error ...
bu~saveDestConn = .true
memConn = bu~getDestConn