lastErrMsg (Attribute)

Reflects a human readable explanation, a message, of the last error code recorded by the connection object.

lastErrMsg get: Returns a string message that corresponds to the last error code.
lastErrMsg set: The programmer can not set this attribute, it is set internally by the ooSQLite framework.
Remarks: The last error message attribute is similar to the lastErrCode (Attribute) attribute. Its value is the last status message recorded by ooSQLite. ThelastErrCodeand thelastErrMsgattributes are always updated together. The error message is always the message that goes with the error code.
Example: This example uses thelastErrMsgattribute to produce a meaningful error message when anooSQLFunctionobject can not be retrieved from a package:
function = package~getFunction('half')
if function == .nil then do
say 'Failed to get function: half'
say ' Error code: ' package~lastErrCode
say ' Error message:' package~lastErrMsg
return package~lastErrCode