Returns the rowid of the most recent successful INSERT into the database from this database connection.

Arguments: This method has no arguments.
Return value: Returns the unique whole numberrowidof the most recent, successful INSERT statement on this database connection
Remarks: Every row of every SQLite table has a 64-bit signed integer key that uniquely identifies the row within its table. This integer is usually called therowid. The rowid value can be accessed using one of the special case-independent namesrowid,oid, or _rowid_in place of a column name. If a table contains a user defined column named using any of these 3 special names, then that name always refers the explicitly declared column and cannot be used to retrieve the integer rowid value. The SQLite documentation contains very detailed and complete documentation concerning the last rowid and the rowid itself. That documentation should be consulted to fully understand the rowid concept.
Details: The functionality of thelastInsertRowIDmethod is similar to that of the SQLite API.