Returns the embedded SQLite library version as a string.

Arguments: There are no arguments to this method.
Return value: Returns the library version number as a string.
Remarks: This method can be used to determine exactly which version of the SQLite database engine is in use. It can also be used to verify that theooSQLite.clsfile matches the compiled library file, (oosqlite.dll,, or oosqlite.dylib depending on the operating system.) The value returned by this method should be exactly equal to the the compile-time version Compile Time Version Constants constant. If it is not, the ooSQLite installation is incorrect.
Details The functionality of thelibVersionmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_libversion API.
Example: This example checks thatooSQLite.clsis loading the correct library and aborts if it is not:
if .ooSQLite~libVersion() \\== .ooSQLiteConstants~VERSION then do
say 'The ooSQLite class file and library file do NOT match.'
say 'The ooSQLite extension is not installed correctly on this system.'
say 'Aborting application.'
return 99