Queries or sets the limiting size of various constructs on this database connection.

Arguments: The arguments are:
id [required] One of the run time limit Run-Time Limit Constants . This identifies the limit construct that is to be size limited.
value [required] The new value of the limit. If this value is negative, then the limit is unchanged.
Return value: Returns the exsiting limit at the timelimitis invoked, even if the invocation does not change the limit. Because of this, the way to query the current value of a limit is to invoke the method with a negative number.
Remarks: For each limit there is a hard upper bound set when ooSQLite is built. Attempts to increase a limit above its hard upper bound are silently truncated by the database engine to the hard upper bound. Thelimitmethod can be used by an application that allows an untrusted source to enter data into the database to lower the built in limits. Perhaps to prevent denial of service attacks. Programmers may also want to use the setAuthorizer method and / or limiting database size using themax_page_count pragma when the application works with untrusted sources. New run time limits may be introduced by SQLite in the future.
Details: The functionality of thelimitmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_limit API.