Returns the next prepared statement The ooSQLiteStmt Class after the specified statement, or the first prepared statement if stmt is omitted or the .nil object.

Arguments: The single argument is:
stmt [optional] AooSQLiteStmtobject specifying the starting point of the search. If this argument is omitted, or the.nilobject then the search starts from the beginnging of the prepared statement list.
Return value: Returns the found statement, or.nilif no next prepared statement is found.
Remarks: The search finds the first statementafterthe specifiedstmt. It is okay to use a statement that has been finalize as the starting point of the search. Omitting thestmtargument or using .nilessentially finds thefirstprepared statement.
Details: The functionality of thenextStmtmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_next_stmt API.