remaining (Attribute)

The remaining attribute reflects the number of pages still to be backed up

remaining get: The value of this attribute is the number of pages still to be backed up as reported by SQLite. The database engine only updates this value during a step operation. If the source database is modified during a backup operation, then the value is not updated to account for any extra pages that need to be updated.
remaining set: The programmer can not set theremainingattribute. It is set internally by ooSQLite.
Remarks: Theremainingand pageCount (Attribute) attributes can be used to determine the progress of the backup. The percentage completion of the backup process may be calculated as:
Completion = 100&percent; * (buObj~pagecount - buObj~remaining) / buObj~pagecount
The database engine reports the page count and remaining values stored by the previous step operation, it does not actually inspect the source database file. This means that if the source database is written to by another thread or process after the call tostepreturns but before the values returned by the remainingandpageCountattributes are used, the values may be technically incorrect. This is not usually a problem. Theremainingattribute must not be accessed after finish has been invoked. It calls into the database engine and the resources allowing that call have been released.
Details The functionality of theremainingattribute is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_remaining API.