Imposes a limit on the heap size, or queries the current size.

Arguments: The single argument is:
TERM A 64-bit signed whole number. Ifnis positive the soft heap limit is set to its value. Ifnis zero then the soft heap limit is disabled. If nis negative then no change is made to the current limit.
Return value: On success, returns the size of the soft heap limit prior to the method invocation. On error a negative number is returned.
Remarks: To query the current limit only, use a negative value forn. The database engine strives to keep heap memory utilization below the soft heap limit by reducing the number of pages held in the page cache as heap memory usages approaches the limit. The soft heap limit issoftbecause even though the engine strives to stay below the limit, it will exceed the limit rather than generate a NOMEM error. In other words, the soft heap limit is advisory only.
Details The functionality of thesoftHeapLimit64method is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_soft_heap_limit64 API.
Example: This example queries the current soft heap limit, sets the limit, and queries it again. It also displays the current memory usage.
say 'Current soft heap limit:' .ooSQLite~softHeapLimit64(-1)
say 'Setting soft heap limit:' .ooSQLite~softHeapLimit64(64000000)
say 'Current soft heap limit:' .ooSQLite~softHeapLimit64(-1)
say 'Current memory used: ' .ooSQLite~memoryUsed
/* Output might be:
Current soft heap limit: 0
Setting soft heap limit: 0
Current soft heap limit: 64000000
Current memory used: 0