Returns the embedded SQLite library source ID string.

Arguments: There are no arguments to this method.
Return value: The source ID string of the running database engine.
Remarks: This method is similar to the libVersion method, but rather than a dotted version string it returns an unique identifier that contains the date and time of the library source code release and a globally unique nubmer hexadecimal number. The value returned by this method should be exactly equal to the the compile-time version Compile Time Version Constants constant.
Details The functionality of thesourceIDmethod is similar to that of the SQLite sqlite3_sourceid API.
Example: This example displays the source ID for the currently running database engine:
say 'Source ID: ' .ooSQLite~sourceID
/* Output might be:
Source ID: 2012-06-11 02:05:22 f5b5a13f7394dc143aa136f1d4faba6839eaa6dc