The sqlite3Version method returns the value of the SQLite C code sqlite3_version[] string constant.

Arguments: There are no arguments to this method.
Return value: The SQLite version string.
Remarks: This method is included for completeness. The string returned is exactly the same as the string returned from libVersion .
Details The value returned by thesqlite3Versionmethod is the value of the SQLite sqlite3_version constant string.
Example: This example shows the equivalence of the twoooSQLiteclass methods:
say 'Return from libVersion method:' .ooSQLite~libVersion
say 'Constant string value: ' .ooSQLite~sqlite3Version
/* Output would be, depending on the exact library version of the embedded database engine:
Return from libVersion method: 3.7.13
Constant string value: 3.7.13