Testing Your Program

When writing your program, you can test statements as you go along using the rexxtry command from the Windows command prompt. rexxtry is a kind of Rexx mini-interpreter that checks Rexx statements one at a time. If you run rexxtry with no parameter, or with a question mark as a parameter, rexxtry also briefly describes itself.

From your command prompt type:

rexx rexxtry /* on windows the case of the REXX is insignificant */

rexxtry describes itself and asks you for a Rexx statement to test. Enter your statement; rexxtry then runs it and returns any information available, or displays an error message if a problem is encountered. rexxtry remembers any previous statements you have entered during the session. To continue, just type the next line in your program and rexxtry will check it for you.

Enter an equal sign (=) to repeat your previous statement.

When you are done, type:


and press Enter to leave rexxtry.

You can also enter a Rexx statement directly on the command line for immediate processing and exit:

rexx rexxtry call show

In this case, entering CALL SHOW displays the user variables provided by rexxtry.