The Object Advantage

If you are unsure about whether to employ Rexx's object-oriented features, here are some tips to help you decide.

Object-oriented technology reinforces good programming practices, such as hiding your data from code that does not use it (encapsulation and polymorphism), partitioning your program in small, manageable units (classification and data abstraction), reusing code wherever possible and changing it in one place (inheritance and functional decomposition).

Other advantages often associated with object technology are:

With ooRexx, you get the user-friendliness of Rexx in an object-oriented environment.

ooRexx provides a Sockets API for Rexx. So you can script Rexx clients and servers, and run them in the Internet.

ooRexx also provides access to FTP commands by means of its RxFtp package, and the use of mathematical functions by means of its RxMath utility package. The Sockets, FTP, and mathematical functions packages are each supplied with separate, full documentation.